Ruff Ryders Prepare Behind The Scenes Look At Jin

Ruff Ryders has entered into an exclusive distribution deal with Image Entertainment and will release a series of DVD's starting with "Jin: The Making of a Rap Star."The DVD will take a behind the scenes look at the events that lead up to the release of Jin's debut album The Rest Is History, which drops March 23, 2004.Jin has done national promotions to raise awareness about his upcoming album. In addition to appearing in "2 Fast, 2 Furious," the rapper has done extensive club, college, car show, and concert appearances.Jin also appears in Burger King's "The Heat" Motorola TV commercial and his single, "Learn Chinese" is currently in rotation on radio and video outlets nationwide.Ruff Ryders has recently expanded beyond music with the launch of their clothing line, Dirty Denim, their pet food Game Dog and an upcoming documentary."Jin: The Making of a Rap Star" hits stores nationwide in April.