Run-DMC Fans Raise Hell


police dogs and several Marion County, Indianapolis police

officers were called in to disperse a crow of roughly 100

people and one person was arrested after a Run-DMC show

was canceled.

According to

reports filed by the police, 22 year old Chris Seidensticker

fought with employees at the 8 Seconds Saloon, located on

the cities Westside. The argument began after Seidensticker

demanded a refund after Run-DMC refused to perform due to

a financial dispute with the promoter of the show.

Run-DMC was

supposed to take to the stage around 10:00pm, yet it was

not announced that the group would not appear until almost

1:00am. When people began requesting their money refunded,

staff members offered the number to Van "Buttaman"

Cox, who has no affiliations with the club. Ticketmaster

is offering refunds and the ticket price which ranged from

$22-$25. According to Buttaman, 118 tickets were sold for

the event.

"I apologize

to the city of Indianapolis and the people who took time

out on a Wednesday night to come to the show," he said.

Cox also stated that he paid the $4,000 in advance to the

group, but fell short of the $1,500 show date payment and

he blamed that on the groups request to upgrade flight and

hotel accommodations.

Run-DMC Spokespeople

could not be contacted for comment.