Run-DMC/JMJ Photo Tribute Taking Place In New York

A photo tribute to

pioneering hip-hop group Run-DMC will kick off October 18 at an art gallery in

New York City.

The Eyejammie Fine

Arts Gallery will host "It's Like That: 20 Years of Run-DMC-JMJ,"

which features vintage photo's from some of hip-hop's greatest photographers.

Works by Ernie

Paniccioli, Chi Modu, Ronnie Wright, Gene Bagnato, Raymond Boyd, Josh Cheuse,

Andre Leroy Davis, George DuBose, Glen E. Friedman, James Hamilton, Talib Haqq,

Jason Messer, Lloyd Nelson, Al Pereira, Carl Posey, Ricky Powell, David Salidor

and Joe the Cameraman are featured in the exhibition.

"It's hard

to believe, but it really has been 20 years since Run-DMC's first recordings

were released," said Eyejammie's Bill Adler. "This is a landmark in

hip-hop history and it provides us with a convenient opportunity to celebrate

Run-DMC's achievements."

The event comes

just weeks before the first anniversary of the murder of Jam Master Jay. Shortly

after Jay was laid to rest, Run-DMC announced their retirement.

"Though Run-DMC

disbanded following the murder of Jam Master Jay on October 30th last year,

their achievements remain evergreen and their influence continues to grow,"

Adler continued. "We're delighted to be able to honor them in this way."

The event will

take place at 516 West 25th Street, Suite 306, from 6 to 9pm.