Run-DMC: New LP, World Tour

Run-DMC is

preparing to release their follow up to 2001's Crown Royal. The untitled LP

is being released next year to commemorate the influential group's twenty year

anniversary. "Like Jam Master Jay said, we keep it raw and real. That's

why we've lasted so long in this business, nobody really does what we do,"

DMC told the Fort Wayne, Indiana Journal Gazette.

In addition to the album, the group is planning

a world tour. With twenty years under their belts, the group's track record

includes a number of firsts. They were the first rap group to appear on American

Bandstand, MTV and the cover of Rolling Stone. The group also became the first

act to have their hands placed in cement on Hollywood's famed Rockwalk, along

side such acts as Bob Dylan, BB King and numerous others.

DMC explained the groups longevity. "Everything

is the same. It's the same producers making everybody's records, (and) all the

videos look the same. Everybody's lazy and wants to make a quick buck,"

he says. "Now, if a De La Soul gets hot, you got 50 De La Souls out there."

In related news, DMC is finishing up his solo

album, Checks Thugs And Rock And Roll, while Run will make a cameo appearance

in the Brett Ratner directed "Silence Of The Lambs" prequel, "Red