Run-DMC Responds To Rumors


release of the Run DMC's Crown Royal along with the ever-absent

presence of DMC, has rumors swirling around the crew. At a

recent concert at University of Central

Florida in Orlando, Florida, DMC spoke candidly about the

future of the group and his role. "I am try to show people

that I have evolved through the years, " he said. The

often reclusive DMC denied that the group is breaking up and

according to him, he will be directing the next video for

the group and touring constantly.

Aside from the

group's projects, DMC says that he is working on a solo album,

Checks Thugs & Rock-n-Roll and it reflects the changes

he has experienced through the years. 'King of Rock: Respect,

Responsibility and Life with Run DMC, ' DMC's first book was

recently released.