Run The Jewels Discuss 'Venom' Track “Let’s Go (The Royal We)” & Upcoming Album

El-P and Killer Mike talk with Beats 1 about motion pictures, politics, and music.

(AllHipHop News) Zane Lowe selected Run The Jewels' “Let’s Go (The Royal We)” as the World Record for his Beats 1 radio show on Thursday. The song appears on the soundtrack for Marvel's Venom movie.

The RTJ members also spoke to Lowe about the record. El-P stated, "The essence of the music actually came from a trailer that I submitted for the Blade Runner 2049 trailer, that ultimately they didn't use. I just loved it so much that I was like, 'I have to use this.' So basically, I had spent some time working on that, to kind of try and transform it into a beat for essentially Run the Jewels 4, because me and Mike both loved it, and we just thought it was nasty."

In addition, El-P and Killer Mike discussed their next full-length album. After getting caught up in a political firestorm earlier this year for his stance on gun control and his association with the NRA, Mike made it clear he's going to use his songs to express his thoughts on politics instead of sharing his views in the media.

"I've decided to put more of it into whatever music is coming, because trying to communicate and talk, you kind of get polarized and tried to be made into a political figure, and I'm not. I'm a raw-ass rapper who, when asked my opinion, will give it," explained Mike.

He continued, "My opinions, instead of saying them over radio or television, where I can argue with stupid people who get paid to give you a side, I'm simply going to put it on record to mash on those fools circa Eazy E, Uncle Luke, Ice Cube, the Geto Boys, just like rap is supposed to do, to give people good music to push through this bullsh*t."

Run The Jewels have released three studio albums. The New York/Atlanta duo's self-titled LPs have all been met with critical acclaim. Killer Mike and El-P also created the Meow the Jewels remix album, and they earned a Grammy nomination for Danger Mouse's "Chase Me" off the Baby Driver soundtrack.

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