Run The Jewels El-P Has Something To Say About Killer Mike's Gun Views

El-P is responding to a controversial interview Killer Mike did with the NRA.

(AllHipHop News) Run The Jewels' El-P has broken his silence on a controversial interview given by Killer Mike regarding gun control.

The NRA dropped a video titled "The March to Less Freedom" featuring Killer Mike talking about his pro-gun stance.

The interview came just as tens of thousands of students marched for stricter gun control laws over the weekend at "March For Our Lives" rallies around the country.

Earlier this morning, El-P dropped a lengthy statement regarding Killer Mike's controversial interview and his views on guns.

"I've been holding off saying anything until Mike had a chance to make an official statement. We are our own men and we speak for ourselves individually. We are not afraid to disagree with each other and we often change each other's perspectives. That's the respect and an understanding between us," El-P explained.

He continued:

"A lot of people are saying a lot to me directly about Mike online. Please know this about me: I don't drop friends from my life because I disagree with them or they went about getting a message out, even if it goes wrong."

El-P, said he's completely in support of the students who rallied, in addition to their demands to congress to pass stricter gun laws.

But, El-P said he would never turn his back on Killer Mike.

"He stumbles and he makes bad decisions sometimes and he doesn't always get his message across or even protect himself and I want to f##king strangle him cuz it's stressful to watch when it could have been avoided," El-P continued.

"But the fact is Mike is someone I and many of you know consistently and ferociously tries to bring some light and love to this world, you simply can't deny that. So while I'm bummed at the way this unfolded, I will always f##k with him."

El-P's statement comes amidst intense backlash from Killer Mike's comments.

Mike himself has since apologized and blamed the NRA for exploiting an older interview, during such a sensitive moment in the country.

"I'm sorry guys. I'm sorry that an interview I did about a minority - black people in this country and gun rights -was used as a weapon against you guys. That was unfair to you. It was wrong and disparaged some very noble work you're doing," said Mike.

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No. 1-1

This is the most 2018 thing ever. A black man doesn't want to give up his right to defend himself and people attack him for not being woke enough.