Russ Continues To Discuss His Issues With Joe Budden Spreading Rumors About His Dad

The ‘There's Really A Wolf’ album creator has more to say about the ‘Everyday Struggle’ host.

(AllHipHop News) Russ continues to address Joe Budden in the media. Following his takedown of the Slaughterhouse member during an appearance on The Rap Radar podcast, Russ went after Budden again while speaking with DJ Funkmaster Flex.

“The issue I have with Joe Budden is because he brought my family into it,” said the Columbia Records artist. “He brought a fake rumor against my dad into it. He knows, deep down as a grown ass man, if I called your family out, you’re gonna have a problem too. You crossed the line. It’s just that simple.

He added, “The rumor was that my dad has an advertising company that’s linked with Columbia and that’s how I got signed.”

The feud originally began after Russ appeared on Everyday Struggle, and the Atlanta-based rhymer had a tense moment with Nadeska Alexis, the show’s moderator, over a disputed email exchange. Russ also told Funk Flex he attempted to reach out to Nadeska to offer an apology, but the Complex journalist chose not to speak with him.

Russ would later release the track “Thick Twice” which included lyrics directed at Joe Budden and Complex. Budden responded to the song during another episode of Everyday Struggle which included the conversation about Russ’ father.

“What is supposed to happen here? Am I supposed to come out of retirement and kill this kid real quick? No. But the song’s cool,” stated Budden.

The "Making A Murderer Pt. 1" rapper then said, “They also put out a report saying his father owns a media company, a media company that is in bed with his music label.”

Russ has admitted his father did work in the advertising business, but he dismissed the idea that his dad’s position affected his success as a recording artist.

I like Russ, but why? Joey lives for this shit!!! Don't body yourself so early in your career, dude....


@That _Dude I agree Russ's music aint bad but Joe will murder this dude!!

....lotttta right wing muhfuckas on this

This whinging little doosh didn't remember the back & forth correctly with Complex, they posted the emails.. HE was mistaken. How he's rewatched it & still doesn't acknowledge it, is beyond me... I'm STILL yet to hear his music & can't be bothered watching this past 14:00.. Wish he'd stop talking, cos his music could be great but I think he's a penis. Good luck to him.