Russ On Fame: It Is Really Stressful And Really High Paranoia At Times

The 25-year-old musician says he dug deep on his new 'Zoo' project.

(AllHipHop News) New Jersey-born, Georgia-bred rapper/producer Russ is preparing to release his sophomore studio album titled Zoo. Russ chatted with Beats 1 radio anchor Zane Lowe about his new work.

"For me, there's always going to be the rap element and the melody element always. But this album, as far as like a theme and a mood, its really more personal than I've ever gone. I really dug deep. It's really reflective of everything right now," said Russ.

He added, "It's funny, I just saw ESPN just posted this clip from an interview that Odell Beckham did and he was saying that he feels like a zoo animal. I thought it was just crazy to see that. I'm like it's really telling, I think of what it's like to be famous. It's not all glamour and a lot of it is really stressful and really high paranoia at times."

Russ also took issue with the need to make social and political moves in order to succeed in the music business. Apparently, the 25-year-old musician realized his youthful beliefs of what it takes to be a recording artist did not play out as he expected.

"I'm sure you know, that behind the scenes there is something to be said about social networking and social climbing. That's what people do. They social climb the ladder and it's really exhausting. Oh, so I've got to go to this event just to fake the funk just so that they might give me a look," Russ lamented.

The Columbia Records also told Lowe, "It's like come on bro, can't we just make music. Can it just be about the music and about the quality of the music and the message or does it really have to be this music 40 percent and 60 percent is politics? It's unfortunate when youre seventeen in your basement, you actually think it's only about the music."

Russ reached a higher level of fame with his platinum-certified There's Really a Wolf album. The 2017 effort included the singles "What They Want" and "Losin Control."

Zoo is set to host "The Flute Song" as well as Serious" which premiered as Zane Lowes World Record for August 30. Followers of the Diemon Crew representative should look for Russ' new LP to arrive on September 7.