Russell Simmons Addresses World Jewish Congress, Producing More PSA's

Rap mogul Russell Simmons will share his views on hate and inequality as the guest speaker for Monday's (Jan. 22) World Jewish Congress American

Section meeting.

The Hip-Hop pioneer, who plans to speak on "Unity: Fighting Our Fights Together," will promote the need for people from all backgrounds and

cultures to stand up for each other in defense against hatred as well as advocate mutual respect.

The World Jewish Congress American Section is a nonprofit umbrella of American Jewish organizations that seeks to promote and participate in the global advocacy agenda of the World Jewish Congress on behalf of the Jewish communities of the world.

The engagement is Simmons' latest effort to champion equality among people.

The Def Jam founder and rapper Jay-Z recently teamed up for a series of public service announcements currently airing on Time Warner

cable networks.

The PSAs, produced by Simmons and Foundation for Ethnic Understanding president Rabbi Marc Schneier, show Simmons and Jay-Z encouraging young people to fight anti-Semitism in their communities.

The clips, which will also be shown in South America, are scheduled to air in Europe later this month.

Simmons is currently in talks to have

the Beastie Boys on board for his efforts.

"I am looking for Beastie Boys to join other prominent Jews in the entertainment industry to film a PSA confronting racism. Specifically,

"Islamophobia," the mogul told "The only way to end the madness is to have people of goodwill step up and say racism in all its ugly forms is wrong. Period," Simmons continued. "The leaders of the Christian right, the Islamic fundamentalist and the non-tolerant Jews will be marginalized."

Simmons will speak from 11-11:30 a.m. at the WJC Amercian Section meeting, which will take place at the World Jewish Congress in New York.