Russell Simmons Defends Child Support Ruling

Mogul Russell Simmons has grown weary of the "gossip rumors" surrounding his court-mandated child support with former wife Kimora Lee Simmons and their two daughters.The Def Jam founder has issued a lengthy statement to differentiate fact from fiction."The fact is, we've had a pretty good partnership at sharing the girls in the past," Simmons explains. "There have been a few bumps in the road, and those bumps have led us to negotiate a minimum amount of time I'm guaranteed to see my kids. The deal is as follows: I have the girls one full week out of every eight, half of the summer, half of all holidays, a full week at Christmas and half of Spring Break."Simmons also corrected those who mistakenly assumed that the court ordered minimum visitation time would be all the time the business mogul would spend with his children."Like all good partnerships, contracts are meant to protect the partners but are usually not the only way that partners work together." Simmons elaborated. "If I show up in LA, where she now lives, unannounced, I can call up Kimora and she will most likely send them right over. The same goes when she comes to New York."Next, Simmons addressed critics who questioned why he would let his ex-wife have complete control over medical and education choices for the children."Kimora consults with me about doctors or schools for the girls, but she always had the final say in those areas. If we had an argument about a school, guess who's going to win?" Simmons admits. "But there are other stipulations in our agreement where we have to make final decisions together. Anything having to do with business decisions pertaining to my kids cannot be done without my consent.""I've seen a lot of people reading into the supervised visits stipulation," Simmons continued. "Kimora travels with a security guard and nanny. In the past, she's gotten really nervous that I never travel with security, so if it makes her more comfortable to have her security and a nanny with us when I'm with my kids, that OK with me."Finally, Russell Simmons has words for those who have decried the $20, 000 per month he is paying for each daughter ($480,000 per year in child support) and those who have labeled his ex-wife as an opportunist and gold-digger."I want to say that Kimora is an excellent mother and is doing a great job with them," Simmons states emphatically. "Regarding the money, my kids live a tremendous life. They do have lots of security, nannies, educators, special programs, travel, chefs, on and on. Their mother manages all of those luxuries and I'm happy to provide for that."