Russell Simmons Denies Claim That He's "Hiding Out" In Bali To Avoid Lawsuit

A woman who is suing Russell Simmons for $10 million claims the mogul is trying to avoid his day in court.

(AllHipHop News) A woman who is suing Russell Simmons claims he has fled the United States in order to avoid a lawsuit over rape claims against the mogul.

The woman, only known as Jane Doe claimed Russell raped her in a hotel back in 1988 after a Def Jam concert in Sacramento, California.

The woman sued Russell for $10 million. He has denied all of the claims and filed a counter-suit, claiming he was the victim of an extortion plot.

Now Jane Doe has filed new documents telling the court she believes Russ left the country for Bali because they do not have an extradition treaty with the United States.

In July, it was revealed Russell Simmons was selling off some of his most prized real estate holdings in New York and Los Angeles.

But Russell isn't exactly hiding. Last week, he hosted a day of meditation on Instagram and Facebook Live.

“The anonymous accuser’s assertion that Mr. Simmons is hiding out in Bali, a country that does not have any extradition treaty with the United States, is false, as are her other accusations against Mr. Simmons, which she claims took place 31 years ago," a rep for Russell Simmons said.

Also, Russell has been in and out of the country multiple times and he's planning on attending his daughter's graduation ceremony in a few weeks.

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Dude fled the country. I got more respect for Cosby then him!!