Russell Simmons Enters Telecom


Simmons unveiled

his latest endeavor, the RUSH Communitcator project. It will make

all types of wireless devices accessible to anyone who needs it

or wants it, via one prepaid phone card, The One Card.

The card will be usable

for cell, long distance, 2way pagers, alphanumeric paging, internet

appliances and local telephone dialing services.

Simmons told the New

York Post: "There is a communications divide in this country,

and the One Card creates a simple way to communicate."

"Some 50 percent of all phone

calls made in the U.S. are prepaid, almost 100 percent of kids

in the US can't get cell phones or pagers, and one-third of the

people who want cell phones can't get them. Most people in America

are credit-challenged. No one should be denied access to the latest

information and technology, " said Simmons.

The One Card will be available

in over 5,000 retail locations by the end of 2001.