Russell Simmons Hosting Day Of Meditation In Wake Of Nipsey Hussle's Death

The mogul is asking everyone to participate in "Black Divinity Meditation Day"

(AllHipHop News) Russell Simmons is calling on the hip-hop community to partake in a day of meditation in the wake of the murder of rap star Nipsey Hussle.

Russ is asking his millions of followers to participate during "Black Divinity Meditation Day" and join him on his Instagram/Facebook Live feeds to meditate over the weekend.

"You are a spark for many ..and your life is not wasted your legacy is in part a call for action," Russell Simmons said in tribute to the slain rapper. "You spoke of self-knowledge at such a young age Bless you People join me for a day of self-reflection."

The "Black Divinity Meditation Day" event tasks every person participating to commit to at least 30 minutes of meditation anytime between April 6 and April 7.

Users are encouraged to take photos and videos and share them using the hashtags #blackdivinitymeditation and #blackpeoplemeditating.

"As good Christians Muslims Jews Buddhists or yogis we are called on to be activists ...please join us the intention is for all to meditate," Russell Simmons said. "When we know ourselves we can see ourselves in each other. This is the goal.. self-realization, self-love and from that equality and justice can prevail."

"Black Divinity Meditation Day" starts at 10 am Saturday and if you want to meditate with Russell Simmons, follow him on IG @UncleRush.

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Why when other Ppl die we dont have the same energy... All lives are important.. SMH


oh the russel the rapist trying to get some shine back off nippy's death, SMHHHHH


I'm pretty sure people will participate..

Nice move