Russell Simmons Loses Attempt To Get Jane "Doe's" $10 Million Lawsuit Tossed

Russ claims its an extortion plot, but a judge has disagreed.

(AllHipHop News) Russell Simmons attempt to have a $10 million lawsuit filed by a woman known only as "Jane Doe" tossed out of court has failed.

Russell hit back with a lawsuit of his own, claiming her accusations were a work of "pure fiction" in order to extort him.

Simmons, who has been accused of sexually harassing or assaulting 17 women, is accused of threatened to rape "Jane Doe's" son unless she had sex with him.

The woman said she went to Russell's hotel after a party when he allegedly threatened “I am going to f##k you or I’m going to f##k your son. You decide.”

The woman lured her to a hotel room, where he threw her on the bed and raped her.

Earlier this week, a judge said Russell's claim that the woman could not remember or provide the date of the rape was irrelevant because the claims of forcible rape, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligent infliction of emotional distress do not require a date of the incident.

Russell Simmons now 20 days to respond to the woman's accusations.


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