Russell Simmons Prepares Def Poetry On Broadway

Russell Simmons' Def Poetry is set to make its

Broadway debut at the Longacre Theater in New York on 11/14. The play has been

previewed by various critics and industry insiders since October 31.

The multi-cultural cast features Beau Sia, Black

Ice, Staceyann Chin, Steve Colman, Maya Del Valle, Georgia Me, Suheir Hammad,

Lemon and Poetri. Unlike the HBO series, the poets interact with each other

and each weave various themes together touching on such topics as race, sex

and politics.

"I'm happy for the rave reviews the play

is getting," Simmons told "What I'm really proud of

is the way real n*ggas is losing they minds!"

Throughout the concert, the influence hip-hop

has on the play is very evident. There is a DJ in between each poets time on

the stage, and he introduces the topic by playing a record related to the poem

as the poet makes his or her entrance to the stage. Various poets rap and beatbox

througout the night.

During the grand finale, all nine peots share

the stage and recite a poem, "I Write America."

"It's not what you are expecting,"

Simmons continued. "This is a big event for hip-hop being on Broadway.

People need to see and support this event. We need to support this event."

For ticket information, call (800) 432-7250.