Russell Simmons Releasing DVD Series On African-Americans

Black History month starts in February and Hip-Hop mogul Russell

Simmons will release a new DVD series that focuses on various African-American


The DVD's, titled "The History Makers: Faith," "The

History Makers: Courage" and "The History Makers: Success," detail

inspiring success stories of African American luminaries who refused the lot

handed out by an oppressive society, and pursued something greater.

Developed in collaboration with The History Makers, the largest

national non-profit organization dedicated to recording and preserving the personal

histories of influential African Americans, Simmons Lathan Media Group (SLMG)

teamed with new Def Filmmaker Nancy Oey to write, direct and co-produce the


The series is a comprehensive collection of first hand accounts

and archival footage of contemporary African American dignitaries.

Offering a groundbreaking look at triumph over prejudice, illness,

self-doubt, and poverty, it is an inspirational testament to the possibilities

inherent in keeping dreams alive on the way to overcoming obstacles.

Delivering a positive message are all of who share a belief

in themselves, their community, and the betterment of humanity. Living legends

such as Isaac Hayes, Gordon Parks and Harry Belafonte illustrate the power of

unshakeable faith and courage in a world full of harsh realities.

Pacesetters Maxine Waters, Terry McMillan and Vernon Jordon

speak candidly about the stumbling blocks they overcame, and give compelling

interviews that create an insightful, compassionate, and sympathetic perspective

on surrounding issues that still exist.

Highlighting the courage it took to make the dreams of these

artists and visionaries come true, audiences should experience the importance

of standing up for one's beliefs, and fighting for a voice in the face of any


Simmons continues to emphasize the importance of education,

perseverance, and hard work in the face of the adversity and racial barriers

in the United States with this compelling new DVD series.

"The History Makers" DVD series hits stores in February.