Russell Simmons Says Rape Accuser Is Extorting Him In $10 Million Lawsuit

The hip-hop mogul strikes back in court.

(AllHipHop News) Rap mogul Russell Simmons is going after one of his rape accusers in court.

Earlier this week, Russell Simmons filed a lawsuit against an unknown woman, who sued him for $10 million in March, claiming he raped her back in 1988 after a concert she attended with her young son.

In the original lawsuit, the woman claimed Russell wooed her back to his hotel room after she dropped off her son, and when she resisted his advances, he threatened to rape her or the boy.

“I’m going to f##k you," the woman claimed Russell Simmons said. “I am going to f##k you or I’m going to f##k your son. You decide.”

Russell Simmons claims the lawsuit is nothing but a cheap publicity stunt, designed to get headlines at his expense.

Russell claims he is being extorted for a large settlement in the $10 million dollar lawsuit, and he is asking for $34,376 for fees and costs.