Russell Simmons Sues "Jane Doe" Who Said He Threatened To Rape Her Son

Russell Simmons is in court battling to squash a lawsuit from a woman only known as "Jane Doe."

(AllHipHop News) Rap mogul Russell Simmons is going after a woman he claims concocted a story that is "pure fiction" in order to extort him.

Simmons has been accused of sexually harassing or assaulting 17 women.

The Def Jam co-founder has denied each of the claims, including one bizarre $10 million lawsuit, in which he allegedly threatened to rape a woman's son unless she had sex with him.

The woman, only known as "Jane Doe," claimed Russell raped her after a Def Jam concert back in 1988.

The woman said she went to Russell's hotel after a party when he allegedly threatened “I am going to f##k you or I’m going to f##k your son. You decide.”

Russell Simmons claims the lawsuit is just an attempt to cash in on the previous allegations against him.

Simmons wants her lawyer to fork over $34,000 in legal bills he has incurred to defend himself against the lawsuit.