Russell Simmons Under Investigation

Hip-hop mogul/activist Russell Simmons is under

investigation for aggressive lobbying tactics in his bid to repeal the Rockefeller

drug laws in New York City, officials said Wednesday.

The Lobbying Commission is investigating the

music mogul for the amount of money he contributed in influencing state officials.

Executive Director David Grandeau told Reuters, anyone who spends more than

$2,000 must register with the commission and Simmons, along with former New

York democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo and others will be probed.

Simmons and his HipHop Summit Action Network

have fervently fought to abate the mandatory sentencing required by the laws.

In addition to organizing a protest, Simmons personally attended a state legislature

meeting and was rumored to be close to blows with Republican State Senate Majority

Leader Joseph Bruno.

Bruno was none to pleased by Simmons and his

requests, as he told reporters after the meeting in response to Simmons protest:

"We took too much time doing that."

In more positive news, Simmons will play host

at a "Say Yes to the Test" rally at the Studio Museum of Harlem. The

event is sponsored by Abbot Laboratories and is part of a $35 million effort

to persuade people to take HIV tests in order to prevent the spread of the disease.