Russell Simmons, Vibe's Kenard Gibbs Honored At Eighth Annual Wall Street Project Conference

Russell Simmons and

Kenard Gibbs, President of Vibe Magazine, will be honored at Jesse Jackson’s

Eighth Annual Wall Street Project Conference, which will take place January 11-13

at the Hilton New York Hotel, in New York City.

The theme of the

conference this year is “Beyond Diversity, Equity and Parity: A New Covenant.”

Doug E. Fresh,

Slick Rick, Black Ice, the Boys Choir of Harlem, J-Harris and Ricky Watters

perform during an R&B/Hip-Hop Entertainment showcase.

“As we come

together this year, seeking participation in America’s economic engine,

we must be ever more vigilant in protecting the rights we have gained, even

the right to vote,” said Rev. Jackson.”

This year’s

conference will be co-chaired by Charles Schumer, a United States Senator from

New York.

Bruce Gordon, former

President of the Verizon Foundation will share hosting duties with Schumer.

The keynote address

will be delivered by New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, who recently took

on Brown & Williamson, for marketing their Kool cigarette brand to youth

using Hip-Hop.

The annual conference

features top business and political leaders addressing a number of issues and

questions during panels, showcases, breakfast meetings and luncheons.

Fortune 500 companies

will also be present during a career opportunity and development expo.

Attendees will

be educated on a number of investment strategies, including public and corporate

pension funds and an all day panel that focuses on training high school students

in economic management and investment.

“We must

extend the gains we have made to include economic parity and equity in the boardroom,

in the managers’ offices and in the owners’ boxes,” Rev. Jackson


According to Rev.

Jackson, access economic access is the fourth stage of the Civil Rights movement,

after the abolition of slavery, the end of legal segregation and the right to