Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin Impressed With Hip-Hop

AllHipHop Staff

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin appeared at a Hip-Hop contest on Friday (November 13), where he supported practitioners of the genre of music.

Putin appeared at the “Battle for Respect,” a music contest run by News TV at the event Putin delivered at anti drug message to those in attendance."

“This is really is propaganda for a healthy lifestyle because it is a hard to imagine break dancing having anything to do with the drinking and dope,” Putin said of the break dancing taking place at the battle.

Contestants at the "Battle for "Respect" engaged in graffiti, break dancing battles and rap battles.

“I must honestly say that those young people who are pursuing these kinds of arts in our country are bringing in their own Russian charm to them,” Putin said during the contest.

Local rappers who participated in the “Battle for Respect” expressed interest in working with the 57-year old Prime Minister of Russia.

It would be cool to produce a joint track with Putin, because he is a legendary person and our idol,” said rapper Zhigan, one of the winners of the contest.

No word yet if Putin is planning a new career as a Hip-Hop artist.