RZA Addresses Martin Shkreli Owning Secret Wu-Tang Clan Album (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Many Wu-Tang Clan fans were not pleased to find out pharmaceutical CEO-turned-public villain Martin Shkreli was the one that purchased the legendary group's one-of-a-kind, secret album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin. Wu member RZA spoke with Bloomberg TV about Shkreli being the sole owner of the exclusive LP.

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"He bought it. He can do what he wants," said RZA. "If the greatest man in the world was the one who wanted to possess it, it would have been his objective. If my enemy came to an auction and said, 'I want that picture of RZA just to throw darts at it.' It's being auctioned. So I could never discriminate who appreciates art."

According to RZA, Shkreli expressed to him that he was a big fan of Wu-Tang prior to buying Once Upon A Time. Shkreli later blasted RZA as arrogant and stated the idea of selling one album backfired. The music producer/filmmaker chose not to return any insults.

RZA also revealed Shkreli does have the power to share the songs on the secret project, despite reports the album was banned from commercial use for 88 years.

"He could do something that could allow more people to hear the record," added RZA. "If he concurs to that, then that would be something really good for art and really good for the Wu fans."

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Watch RZA's interview below.