RZA Celebrates the 24th Anniversary Of "Enter the 36 Chambers" With Rare Pendant and Necklace

AllHipHop Staff

Fans of Wu-Tang can make a fashion statement thanks to RZA's new gear paying homage to the group's seminal album.

(AllHipHop News) Wu-Tang Clan frontman RZA is celebrating the 24th anniversary of Enter the 36 Chambers with his new clothing company.

RZA's brand 36 Chambers ALC is commemorating the release of the debut Wu-Tang album with new pieces in the company's "Royal Seal Collection."

The "Royal Wu Seal" is an English language seal carved by artist Lu-Kesi in a traditional Chinese style, which also comes with a necklace.

Each one of the seals is unique - they are carved by hand.

"We were bent on having an antique feel by crafting the seals by hand," said Creative Director Mustafa Shaikh.

"There will be slight differences between the designs as each seal is hand carved into Chinese stone—the chisel may slip, the stone may chip, giving each one the rough antique look prized by Chinese scholars," Shaikh added.

The second piece in the collection is the "Royal Wu Seal Necklace," which is also hand carved in wax and cast in recycled sterling silver by Open Label's Oakland studio.

The collection launched today (November 9th) and is available online at http://www.36chambers.com.

Fans of the Wu-Tang interested in purchasing a seal better move fast, because according to reps, only 24 seals will be produced.