RZA, Dan The Automater & More Pay Tribute To Charile "Bird" Parker

The RZA, The X-ecutioners, Dan The Automator, El-P

and a diverse mix of other artists have come together to release Bird Up: The

Charlie Parker Remix Project.

The remix project, produced by Matthew Backer,

took artists from every genre of music, granted the artists access to the original

Parker recordings, including alternate takes and false starts, and allowed them

to create and compose their own interpretations of his music.

"Charlie Parker was a revolutionary head,

a true rebel," Backer told AllHipHop.com "He's had such a lasting

influence and he was so uncompromising with his art. Anybody who stands for

freedom, innovation and forward thinking, comes from the flame that Bird lit


The interpretations consist of Parker's Savoy

material, which was recorded during 1944-1948.

"A lot of the artists carry the spirit of

Bird, whether they know it or not," Backer continued. "They extracted

elements they felt akin to and put them in their own setting. They put all

of their own feeling into their pieces."

When the artist was finished interpreting Parker's

version of each particular song, the artist also renamed the song to reflect

the new version.

And what does Backer say to the purists who may

look down upon artists from a new generation reworking classic material?

"Three words," Backer said. "Bird

is smiling."

Bird Up: The Charlie Parker Remix Project,

hits stores October 21st.

The artist/track listing is as follows. The title

in parentheses is the renamed composition:

1. "Now's The Time (No Time Like Now)"

Red Hawk and Deke Damascus

2. "Relaxin' At Camarillo (August 29)"

Me'Shell Ndege`Ocello

3. "Salt Peanuts (The Mr. Peanut Chronicles)"

Hal Willner, Dr. John, The Kronos Quartet, Mocean Worker

4. "Bebop (Live At the Rooftop)" Choco,


5. "Bird of Paradise (Gone)" Serj Tankian

6. "Congo Blues (Silencer)" Donk, Ravi

Coltrane, Wild Children, Hubert Laws, Kodo

7. "Steeplechase (Sittin' on 22's)"

Dan The Automator

8. "Cheers (X-ecutioners Style)" The


9. "A Night In Tunisia (Downpour)"

Donk, The Coconut Tree, Kodo

10. "All the Shadows of Nuff" Hal Willner,

Garth Hudson of The Band, Mocean Worker

11. "Perhaps (Someday the Roof Will Get

Fixed)" Dan The Automator

12. "Barbados (Where Fish Fly)"Matthew

Backer, Hubert Laws, Redback

13. "Constellation (Heavenly Bodies)"

El-P, Stephanie Vezina.