RZA Explains Why He Regrets Drake's "Wu-Tang Forever" Remix Never Happened

The de facto leader of the Wu shares his thoughts on the collaboration that never came to fruition.

(AllHipHop News) Back in 2013, Drake dropped his third studio album Nothing Was The Same. One of the most polarizing songs on the project was "Wu-Tang Forever."

There were reports that members of Wu-Tang Clan were planning to add bars to a remix of Drizzy's cut. However, some fans of the Wu were not feeling the idea of the legendary emcees jumping on the Noah "40" Shebib-produced track.

RZA was always supportive of "Wu-Tang Forever." He told Rolling Stone in 2013, “[Drake] sent me [the] song because they couldn’t clear the sample. So I did it myself, personally, for free. Free of charge."

In a new interview with The Cruz Show, RZA was asked if the Drake/Wu-Tang remix would ever become public. It seems the long-awaited collaboration may never see the light of day.

"That should've happened. I just want to shout Drake out. I think he threw an alley-oop to us," stated RZA. "I think we missed it. Look, we miss things."

He continued, "I don't regret it for no popularity or nothing. I just regret it for the fact that when you become an elder in anything, it's your duty to go back and work with the youth and to rekindle that fire."

The producer/actor is currently promoting a new music project by DJ Mathematics titled Wu-Tang: The Saga Continues which is set to arrive on October 13. RZA also teamed with the 36 Chambers fashion brand and the Asian Art Museum for the Emperors’ Treasures capsule collection.

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I regret it too.