RZA Responds To U-God, Calls Comments"Blasphemous"

AllHipHop Staff

Wu-Tang leader the RZA has responded to recent

comments U-God made about the RZA, the status of the Wu-Tang Clan and the reason

why the clan as a group has not dropped an album in three years.

U-God compared being in the Wu-Tang Clan to slavery

and focused most of the group's internal problems on the RZA.

"One thing that I didn't like about the

whole situation of being with Wu-Tang is that RZA always dealt with separation,"

U-God told MTV. " 'This n*gga is better than that n*gga..."Once you

get separated mentally, then it's physically and then it's spiritually. [RZA]

broke the bond himself and didn't even know it. He left people like myself,

[Inspectah] Deck and Masta Killah to fend for themselves, while other cats were

already on. Sometimes I would be sitting there trying to talk to him, and he

would look past me like he was some type of messiah."

RZA has come forward to deny U-God's comments.

RZA said that neither he, nor any Wu member mistreated U-God.

"It is obvious with mentalities such as

his existing how can a unified Wu-Tang campaign come about inclusive of all

members?" RZA said. "I the RZA will raise the flag when the time is

right, and that's when all minds and will submit to one."

RZA called U-God's remarks blasphemous and said

that his focus on unity is what made the group successful in the first place.

"I don't deal with separation nor unrighteousness

amongst my peers or my enemies. I deal with freedom justice and equality. Our

life is a reflection of our own acts and deeds. Who can a man blame besides

himself for his personal mishap? Unless someone directly or indirectly inflicts

their will on you, the blame lies on self. Especially when you come in the name

of god as in U-God. Due to the recent slander of my name by Godzilla and Cappa

its only right that I clear away some of the fog of confusion and falsehood

that they are advocating."

RZA said that many people felt U-God was the

weak link of the group and that he insisted the rapper remain.

"I recall his skill level being far behind

the other members because jail makes you stiff and less fluent, just as it was

when ODB first came home," RZA explained. "Still I kept him in the

rankings and made sure he ate a equal amount that the rest enjoyed even though

he was barely present on the early product. So when he claims that he was pushed

to the side or made a slave he is only fabricating lies and using a bias distorted

form of our history."

RZA said that the solo projects that were released

were the ones the public and the music industry were feeling. He said that recording

deals were being offered to the most prominent members.

"I informed U-God that when the time comes

he will get his shine just as everyone else because everyone gets their time

to shine, but one must patient as well as persistent and determined. 50 Cent

is a prime example. As time went on he regained his flow and began to shine

a little brighter but he also developed in what some have called a grumpy attitude

and that made him hard to deal with in some eyes. No one would offer him a recording

deal. It wasn't until I put the money up myself from Wu-Tang Records did he

get a chance for a solo album. And my company spent well over 1 and half million

dollars on him in advances and videos and promo. With more than half that going

is his pocket. In fact his unrecoupement crippled my label. So where is the

slavery at? Look at songs like "Chez Chez La Ghost" and "Gravel

Pit." Those were attempts to put him out there more and build his shine.

After that if he was ordained to have more success it would've shown through."

RZA also commented on rumors that the clan may

end up on Dr. Dre's Aftermath Records.

"It's a great idea creatively and historically

and [we] are now working out the business aspect. The idea originated with ODB

and later brought to the table by the recording industry giant Jimmy Iovine."