Rza's Ex Wants More Child Support

Rza has a ominous date in

court with the mother of his four-year-old daughter as she is seeking more financial

support from the Wu-Tang Clan co-founder.

Jamie Summers, the ex-girlfriend

of the Rza, is taking the rapper to court the day after Valentine's Day next

week in an effort to get more money to support their daughter, Rahindia.

But, she said she isn't

trying squeeze Rza for her own gain.

She told investigative talk

show "Celebrity Justice," "I go to school. I work. I'm not a

gold-digger. I just want what my daughter's entitled to and that's a fair share

of his estate- his other children have a fair share."

Summers admitted that Rza

was already supporting the child, but she wanted the courts to get her more.

Summers said that Rza frequently

speaks with his daughter, but after the death of Ol' Dirty Bastard, she felt

it was time for her to make sure the rapper was legally named the child's parent.

After ODB died, there were

women who said they had children with him, but hadn't secured a claim of his


Summers expressed her melancholy

on the show.

"It hurts at times

because I wish at times that we could be as a family and things could have worked

out, but it didn't," Summers said. "When I look at my daughter's face,

it looks just like her dad. It's very hurtful."

"We didn't have to

do it this way. I do love him, I do have respect for him but, I mean, for goodness

sake this is your child. This is your flesh and blood."

At press time, Rza was unavailable

for comment. He and Summers will appear in a New York courtroom on Feb. 15.