RZA Signs On To Score "Blade: Trinity," Takes Acting Serious

RZA has signed on to score the music for "Blade:

Trinity," the third installment of the "Blade" franchise starring

Wesley Snipes.

"On Blade: Trinity, we're actually planning

for an 80-piece orchestra. So for me it's really fulfilling," RZA told

Film Stew.

RZA said that film scoring was different than

Hip-Hop production, due to the emotional scope of the movie and the individual


"Typical production is limited to me, basically,

because all I have to do is focus on two or four bars, and make repetitive music,

and maybe a few changes here or there," RZA said. "When you're dealing

with scoring, you know, you have to change mood, you have to change vibes. Even

in one mood, you have to keep the camera in mind, the movement of the camera

and the movement of the actors"

RZA is getting heavily involved in the scoring

of movies, having already done such flicks as "Ghost Dog," "Kill

Bill," and "Soul Plane."

RZA took the job of scoring music serious, reading

books, watching well known composers and he even studied under another famous


"I spent time with Richard Gibbs, a famous

composer who did over forty movies, Phil Giffin, who orchestrated for me, did

over 80 movies, as well as reading books, and watching great ones like Danny

Elfman and John Williams, checking out what they do and just listening, how

they took one melody and made it a whole 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'


RZA is also getting into acting, with a part

in the upcoming movie "Coffee & Cigarettes."

"It's [acting] something I definitely have

a passion for," RZA said "A lot of rappers do want to be actors, but

a lot of them don't respect the art. I took my weeks and weeks with an acting

coach, and learned how this thing works. So if I do come to do something, I'm

not just walking in because I'm the RZA. I've been trained. That's why I took

my time even with my scores."

RZA will score the movie in London during

the month of June.