RZA Suggests U-God Isn't Telling The Truth In His New Memoir

AllHipHop Staff

RZA has some words for U-GOD, over quotes in a new memoir.

(AllHipHop News) Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA has responded to allegations of mismanagement featured in his bandmate U-GOD's recent memoir, suggesting it's full of "myths."

Rap veteran U-GOD, real name Lamont Jody Hawkins, hit headlines last month following the release of his autobiography, "RAW: My Journey Into the Wu-Tang," in which he details various divisions in the group, and blames RZA for failing to capitalize on the stars' early success in the 1990s to help them cement their legacy.

He also questioned some of the decisions RZA has made over the years on behalf of the crew, which also features Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Method Man, and GZA, among others, claiming he's been prioritizing his own career instead of helping to take care of the band as a whole.

"In 25 years of being in the business, RZA has never placed the group at an A-list (talent) agency. I wonder why," he wrote. "Just talking about this s##t frustrates me. I mean here we are, the Rolling Stones of hip-hop, and we ain't even got proper representation. Meanwhile, RZA's always had A-list agents repping him personally. What the f##k is that all about?"

RZA never responded to the public criticism at the time, but now he has shrugged off the fall-out within the band in a new interview with Rolling Stone magazine.

"Look, every man has a right to write a book," he began. "Some books are fiction and some books are nonfiction. Some are myths, some are fantasy, some are sci-fi - I don't know if this book falls totally in nonfiction."

He also challenges statements U-GOD made about RZA being a "control freak" who "wanted to control budget, publishing, writing hooks, everything."

"I could never be a control freak," the rapper, producer, and actor said. "If Wu-Tang is a dictatorship, how does every Wu-Tang member have their own contract, their own career, and have put out more albums without me than they've done with me?"

However, RZA also uses the interview to praise U-GOD's talents, insisting despite their differences of opinion, he will always have love for his longtime pal.

RZA added, "He's always been a good artist. In his book, he writes that he was looked down upon. I think he don't really realize how much people love him and I think this particular book tour and promotion, he's realizing, 'Wait a minute, motherf##kers know me and love me.' I think he's learning something we all know...

"He's an important piece to this Wu puzzle, and I've got nothing but love for him, personally."