RZA/System of a Down Bassist Prep ‘Achozen’ Project

AllHipHop Staff

System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadijan and Wu Tang leader the RZA are close to completing the debut release of their embryonic supergroup Achozen.

The new band will consist of Odadijan, RZA, Beretta 9 of Killarmy, and new artist Reverend William Burke.

In recording sessions, the group has relied heavily on live instrumentation to craft their sound.

Between principal producers RZA and Odadijan, the pair has reportedly used only two samples on the entire record.

The group is also adamant about not attempting to recreate the late 90s and early 2000s "Nu Metal Era," popularized by such acts as Korn, Limp Bizkit, and Linkin Park.

"We have a product that I can go and see if I want to do this independently or if I want to go through major distribution," Odadijan explained to the Artisan News Service. "I'm not exactly sure if people are going to get the concept. It's a Hip-Hop concept record and right now. I don't know if the radio is ready for it. But I really am not releasing this, you know me and RZA just said it in a lot of interviews we want to help people with this. We just want to exercise brains, we really want to help kids think. It's a very positive record. It's a positive outlook on life instead of the usual negative."

Even with the unnamed project's official designation as a rap album, Odadijan further cautions fans from expecting anything that resembles the standard fair of mainstream Hip-Hop's current sound.

"This isn't a commercial Hip-Hop record, you know what I mean? It's got stories and it's an adventure. It's a musical experience," Odadijan stated. "I don't expect everyone to hear it and go 'Oh, I get it.' No, no, no. Each song is different on another tip. We recorded it in a room, without a vocal booth. I mean this is such a from the heart record."

So far, Achozen has completed guest spots with the GZA, Red Hot Chili Pepper guitarist John Frusciante, and former Machine Head guitarist Logan Madar, who will also handle the LP's mixing.

At press time, RZA and Odadijan are looking to finish the album by the end of January.