RZA Talks Giving GZA His Name, Escaping Cops, & Favorite Rapper/Producers In AMA


(AllHipHop News) Wu-Tang Clan's RZA was the latest Hip Hop artist to conduct an Reddit "Ask Me Anything" session. While promoting his new movie Brick Mansions, RZA addressed numerous topics submitted by users including one of his funny Wu stories, his favorite rapper/producers, and more.

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Read excerpts from RZA's AMA below.

cheverella: what happened first, you naming yourself RZA or your cousin naming himself GZA?

authenticRZA: I named myself the RZA first, and I named him the GZA shortly thereafter.

IvarSolocean: Hey RZA! Tell us some funny stories from u and the guys in Wu Tang: )

authenticRZA: Here's a story, it may not be funny depending on your point of view, but one time the whole Clan was in Atlanta, and I guess we caused some kind of riot in the building, and thus the police was brought in to end the show. I remember everybody getting away from the cops without any violence, but one cop had got a grab of Inspector Deck and he couldn't get free. When we noticed it, me and Method Man rushed back over to help, but actually, what could we do? We can't hit a cop, could we? That would not have been wise. Instead, Method Man grabbed onto Inspector Deck's arm, and combined his strength with Inspector Deck, which allowed them to get away from the cop, they broke his grip and we all ran. I later told Meth "That was some Wu-Tang Kung fu shit right there."

de_monkey: Did anything inspire you with regards to the choice of beats on Enter the 36 Chambers? Also, are you still an avid chess player? :D

authenticRZA: On 36 Chambers, I kind of went on my own inspiration. I was out to prove my abilities. Yes, I still play chess.

the_violent_turd: Whattup Rza huge Wu Fan and personally you are my favourite producer ever! Thank you for doing this, I have a few questions actually, my first question regards the tracks Method Man and Clan In Da front, Did you tailor a beat for every member in the clan, how did you choose who got their solo songs on the album? Who are your other favourite rapper-producers? Lastly are there any beats that once you had finished then played back you realised that it was going to be a classic. Once again thank you!

authenticRZA: Yes, I used to tailor the beats to their rhyme styles. I knew my Wu brothers for so long, and made so many tapes with them, that I grew an ear to what would fit the MC... Choosing solo songs for each artist on a Wu-Tang album is something that kind of materializes during the process... Pete Rock, Dr. Dre, Kanye West... Yes, I have one right now that I just can't wait til the Wu MCs get on, because I just know that this is one of those magical ones.

Ineedemo: Which rappers are you listening to the most outside of your Wu-Tang crew?

authenticRZA: Nowadays, I've just become a fan of the culture of hiphop. Somedays I find myself sitting on my downtime watching Yo! MTV raps, or scrolling through YouTube finding up and coming MCs. I love watching URL and all the rap battles. Sometimes when you're making the music, you become so engulfed in yourself that you forget that you started yourself as a fan of the music. Now that I get time to do other things such as act, score and direct, I can actually become a fan of hiphop again.

My_Public_Profile: You're asked to select one hip hop album to represent the genre to an alien race... What's that album?

authenticRZA: I would send Wu-Tang Forever. If I could send 3, I would send King of Rock and The Chronic.

BowserBandit: Who were your biggest musical inspirations when you were just starting out as an artist? I'd really like to know.

Hiphop itself. And funnily, the GZA was a guy I looked up to. And I can also say the pioneers of hiphop beats such as Marley Marl, and Scott La Rock.

Brick Mansions, which also stars the late Paul Walker, hits theaters April 25th.