RZA, Xzibit Star In 'Derailed' With Clive Owen, Jennifer Aniston

The Wu-Tang's RZA

and MTV's “Pimp My Ride” host Xzibit will star in supporting roles

in the upcoming movie “Derailed.”

The movie is based upon the best-selling novel by James Seigel

and was directed by Swedish filmmaker Mikael Håfström.

RZA ("Winston") and Xzibit ("Dexter") will

star alongside Clive Owen and Jennifer Aniston in the flick, dubbed a "psychological


The movie revolves around a character named Charles Schine (Owen)

and another, Lucinda Harris (Aniston) who fatefully meet and begin falling for

each other despite their marriages.

The two begin spending more and more time together until a tryst

at a local motel turns into a nightmare.


is slated for release next month.