Sadat X Reflects on New Release; Confirms New Brand Nubian Album

With close to 20 years on the rap music scene, Sadat X has made his presence known in solo and group endeavors.

As a result, the New York rhyme veteran, who is best known as a member of revered rap trio Brand Nubian, is gearing up for the release his forthcoming solo album, Generation X.

"I base my stuff on real life stories. A lot of dudes can paint pictures of different things. I paint pictures of a reality, life that I see," Sadat X told "Everyday is not good for me. Some days are bad. I put all that in my music. And then when you see me, I do it live. When I go do shows, the recent shows, I’ve been going to Europe. I’ve been going by myself and I do like 15 joints, 16 songs by myself. I don’t got no back up. I’m not using no words over the tracks. I do the lyrics straight live. I go to the gym everyday so, you know, I’m physically fit for it. I’m gonna give the people what they want."

Generation X is the follow up to Sadat X’s 2006 offering Black October.

Among the guests featured on the project are Twanie Ranks and Thirstin Howl III, while the bulk of the album's production is handled by Will Tell.

Although some rappers utilize various producers for an album, Sadat X was adamant about going with one producer for a good portion of his project, to maintain continuity.

"Basically I’ve been in this game a long time so I’m not gonna be chasing grown men down," he said. “Sometimes producers feel like once they do a couple of joints, you got to start chasing them down and this and that. I never was that way and I’m never gonna be that way. He [Will Tell] kept coming with it continuously. He kept hittin me with beats. Every time I finish one, he would have another one for me and then another one."

Although he has Will Tell on board for Generation X, Sadat X was quick to point out that he hasn't forgotten about longtime associates Diamond D, Buckwild and Ayatollah, who will be lending their talents to future releases.

"This is only one of four albums. I go to the studio every day. So I got like four or five albums already in the can. This is just one album that’s coming out on Affluent Records," stated Sadat X, who revealed that the follow up to Generation X would be out in February.

While solo success has been achieved, Sadat X remains true to his beginnings as a member of Brand Nubian.

The group, which is noted for its socially conscious and politically charged music, emerged as a fixture in rap music history with its classic debut album One For All in 1990.

The album spawned hit singles such as “Slow Down,” All for One,” Wake Up,” and "Concerto in X Minor."

When asked whether Brand Nubian would reunite for another album, Sadat X confirmed that he is working with fellow members Grand Puba and Lord Jamar on a new project.

"That’s in the works right now. We’re just trying to get it all together, work out all the logistics of it. But that’s definitely coming. No doubt, you can expect that," said the rapper, who revealed the album would come out in the summer of 2009.

Sadat X’s Generation X is slated to be released digitally on Sept. 30.

The album is scheduled to hit stores in the coming weeks on Nov. 4.