Sadat X Returns To Rap With New Album

Rap veteran and Brand Nubian co-founder Sadat X has signed a deal with New York independent label Affluent Records and is planning a new album titled Generation X.

The album, which is Sadat X’s fifth solo release, features 10 songs, as well as production from Will Tell and Affluent’s CEO, Oscar Sanchez.

"I am very honored to be working with Sadat on this one,” Sanchez said. “He has got a big sound on this album, his voice is timeless and he has a great brand name in the market. I've known X for many years and he has always stayed working, stayed touring, or doing features, he found a way to be relevant on the indie marker and its due, the fans want it, so signing him was a no brainer.”

Sadat X made his debut as a member of the legendary rap collective Brand Nubian, which also featured fellow Grand Puba, Lord Jamal, DJ Alamo and DJ Sincere.

Brand Nubian’s 1990 debut album One For All contained a number of Hip-Hop classics, including “Wake Up,” “One For All,” “Slow Down” and others.

The group’s best known single, “Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down” hit # 2 on Billboard’s rap chart in 1993 and can still be heard on radio and in clubs around the world.