Safaree Banned From High School Visit Over Leak Of Penis Pictures

AllHipHop Staff

The rapper is suffering from the fallout of his leaked nudes.

(AllHipHop News) Nicki Minaj's ex-lover was kicked out of a high school in Brooklyn, New York earlier this week because the principal didn't want the negative publicity surrounding his visit.

Safaree Samuels said he was outside waiting to surprise students in his native borough when he was told he wasn't welcome at the school.

"They were setting up the stuff but then the lady came out and said, 'We don't want him here, we don't want the backlash'," he explained.

The rapper wasn't told exactly what the problem was, but he feels sure it had everything to do with the leak of photos of his impressive manhood online.

Safaree insists the snaps may not have served him well, but he is getting a lot of positive feedback following the leak.

He tells the outlet he has been offered porn film roles and other lucrative business opportunities as a result of his manhood.

"Some people from some condom places (have been in touch), some (people who make) sex molds - they wanted me to do a mold," he smiles, revealing he was offered $100,000 to allow experts to duplicate his penis.

"My female fans hit me up, saying that they would like that, but that seems a bit personal. I think that would mess me up in the future for having a wife."

And he reveals his mighty manhood kept his famous ex, Minaj, happy when they were together four years ago: "She always used to say to me, 'If you didn't have that thing, I would have been leave you," he laughed. "She would be cracking up when she said it."

Samuels, who dated Nicki for 14 years until their 2014 split, wasn't just her ex - he was a member of her former group, Hoodstars, co-wrote her single "Did It On 'em," and served as her hype man for years.

He also appeared in Minaj's "Stupid Hoe" music video.

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Cute spin on the story. He didn’t want to go through the school metal detectors. That’s the real reason he wasn’t let into the school. Other artist went through the detector with no issue. The principals (the school has 4) didn’t know who he was.