Saigon Featured On HBO's "Entourage"

Ft. Knox Entertainment

emcee Saigon is adding acting to his resume by appearing in three episodes of

the hit HBO series “Entourage.”

“Entourage” depicts the life of Queens, New York native "Vince,"

the newest "it" actor in Hollywood and his three friends from back home

who are along for the ride.

Saigon has been tapped to

play a role in three episodes that will start airing August 21st.

Aside from his three episode

feature, five songs from his upcoming debut album, The G66reatest Story Never

Told will serve as a backdrop for the show.

The rapper’s tracks

"Come Again," "Letter P," and the remix to Nas' single "War"

- which he will perform on the season finale - will all be featured.

In addition to the “Entourage”

appearances, Saigon has also been featured on the newly released DJ Whoo Kid

& Just Blaze mixtape "Abandoned Nation."

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airs every Sunday at 10p est on HBO.