Sauce Factory Associate Sosamann Latest Group Member To Get Busted For Pimpin

The cops say Sosamann isn't just a rapper, he's also allegedly a pimp.

(AllHiphop News) Rapper Sosamann is in some serious trouble.

According to cops, the Houston bred rapper is accused of promising to young women fortune and fame only to turn them into prostitutes.

According to a group of women were rounded up after an investigation into prostitution in West Hollywood.

When police interviewed the women, several of them maintained that they were forced into the life by Sosamann and several of his associates.

Sosamann was arrested on May 11th and hit with multiple felony counts. He posted $100,000 bail, and was released the next day.

The Taylor Gang rapper is also an associate of Sauce Walka's collective, The Sauce Factory.

Earlier this week, TSF group member Sauce Lean was convicted of sex trafficking of a minor and sex trafficking of a minor. and is facing life in prison.


AllHipHop Staff
AllHipHop Staff