Saul Williams Takes His Creative Revolution To Film With New Musical

Saul Williams is expanding his efforts into film and he needs the help of his following.

(AllHipHop News) Poet/emcee/actor Saul Williams has been a creative revolutionary for the longest time and now he is extending his talents even farther with a crowd-funded film.

"Neptune Frost" is a unique proposition that promises to be another trail-blazer in cinematography. A description says, "From an otherworldy village made of recycled computer parts a hacking collective performs the most outrageous hacks in US & world history full of social commentary & gutsy platform takeovers. They are the virtual heroes of a world drawn closer and closer to authoritarian rule until they cross the line that takes them from beloved hackers to first-world terrorists. Neptune Frost is the love story between an inter-sex runaway and a coltan miner and the virtual marvel born as a result of their union – MartyrLoserKing—The world's #1 trend The Authority seeks to end."

Williams is close to his goal, having raised $147,401 of a $150,000 goal. Click here to support and contribute.

He explained that he needs support to help him "f##k s##t up" with "Neptune Frost" - a musical.:

We put our energy into everything we touch, everything we focus on, and maybe even into the things we ignore, but conscious energy is an investment. It's what some mean when they type “thoughts and prayers”. Many artists embed and charge their creations with "thoughts and prayers", an energy you feel when it reaches you.Maybe it unlocks something.Perhaps it's the sincerity of the artist emitting a frequency that couples with our own to heal or release the moment. Maybe the beat or melody offerssomething unsaid*, a sensation we never knew we had or needed touched. Maybe it does nothing, just like typing “thoughts and prayers," but that data holds space. ***It holds the space for us to be moved beyond convention, to experience and explore** *new stories, maybe even other forms of storytelling.*

I wrote a story that I think demystifies the connection, that highlights technology as awareness, that shatters convention and honors the means through which this conversation is taking place. And for me, you are the most precious of resources.You hold the power to fuel a dream and a transformation.You can shake the industry of imagination with a thought (and a prayer). You have masterminded revolutions and shifts in power with more than weapons. You have eulogized tyrants with self-satisfied smirks. Try something that works.

The creative said that the whole effort started out as a graphic novel and it developed from a groundswell of response from his following.

"I began working on this project asa graphic novel and a musical*. I wanted to center my writing around the social and global issues flooding my actual and virtual timelines and their countless intersections through a story, character, and project that would allow me to focus all of my observations, insights, rants, and talents under one heading."*

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