Saweetie Endorses SoundCloud's New Instagram Stories Integration Feature

The Warner Bros. recording artist talks about the new music sharing option.

(AllHipHop News) SoundCloud and Instagram are two of the most influential internet companies when it comes to musicians promoting their work. There's now a closer synthesis between the audio distribution platform and the social media network.

Starting this week, creators can easily share tracks on their Instagram Stories. The feature is available via the latest versions of the SoundCloud and Instagram mobile apps on iOS and Android.

“When creatives are able to share their songs via Stories it allows fans and followers to get the information instantly. Instead of DM’ing and commenting, they can easily click through to be taken directly to the track," said "Up Now" rapper Saweetie.

The SoundCloud + Instagram integration follows other upgrades such as deejays being able to stream/mix SoundCloud's catalog through their favorite DJ software and SoundCloud Premier offering high payouts for creators.

"SoundCloud Premier is something we’re really excited to expand. This is a program where artists can have a direct revenue sharing relationship with us," explained SoundCloud CEO Kerry Trainor in a 2017 interview with AllHipHop.

Trainor continued, "If they decide not to go the route of a major label deal or a publishing deal, they can work directly with us to get a share of the revenue associated with their music. So we support hundreds of artists today, and those artists receive millions of dollars in revenue sharing from SoundCloud."