Scar Nowhere To Be Found


"Scar" Allen, the man that called Puff a

"fake" and then threw a 2 inch stack of $20, $50 and

$100 dollar bills in the face of Puff Daddy and sparked the now

infamous shooting at Club NY in Manhattan is nowhere to be found.

Friends of Allen say that he will

most likely settle the dispute on the street and not in the courts.

"One hustler doesn't go against another hustler. I'm quite

sure he doesn't want to get hurt [financially] down the line -

he's used to money; He's got enough to throw around (literally),

and he's got toys, like a Navigator and a Lexus" William

Brown told the New York Post. Allen grew up in the Prospect Heights

section on Brooklyn.

Allen has been arrested seven times

for assault, domestic violence and weapons possession.