Scarface Addresses Media Reaction To His Comments About Rap-A-Lot’s J. Prince (VIDEO)

Scarface wants to make it clear he does not have any issues with Rap-A-Lot Records CEO J. Prince.

(AllHipHop News) The Houston emcee recently did an interview with Noisey were he expressed his thoughts on the downfall of the record label he once called home.

“That was a time when Master P was taking over the airways, so J Prince wanted to Master P the game,” said Face. “I was like ‘wow like we f*cked up so bad trying to do Master P when we should’ve just continued to do us.’ I feel like that was the fall of Rap-A-Lot Records to me.”

Scarface sat down with VladTV to discuss his relationship with Prince. The interview included him calling the man his brother.

“When I said that he put records out, I only know them motherf*ckers were coming out when they came out. That’s his business. That’s in his contracts,” explained Scarface. “I don’t appreciate people trying to throw sh*t out here that’s trying to make something stick among brothers. That’s family business.”

Watch Scarface’s interview below.

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