Scarface Changes Name, Prep's 7th Solo Album

Legendary rapper Scarface

recently revealed to that he has dropped the Scar from his name

and is now just Face. When asked why the name change for the veteran after so

many years, Face simply said he just wanted a change. Face is currently preparing

his 7th solo album, titled The Redemption.

"This is definitely one of the best records ever

of mine. It don't miss nothing," Face said. Face said that the album will feature

cameo's from Nas and Jay-Z to name a few, as well as production from The Neptunes,

Mike Dean and others.

"We have stepped it up 500 percent. We are gonna

change the face of this shit" Face continued. "The Redemption" is slated for

a June release on Def Jam South, the Atlanta based label that Face is President

of. "I love Atlanta, even though right now I am in Houston. Shit, I love

the entire United States!"