Scarface on Election: “Obama Speaks More for the Hip-Hop Generation

Joining a ever-expanding list of emcees, activists, and celebrities, Texas Hip-Hop legend Scarface is also voicing his opinion on the November 4 presidential election.With his ninth and last studio album Emeritus on deck for December 2, Scarface expressed his disgust at the man he holds responsible for America’s current economic crisis.“George W. Bush,” Face stated bluntly. “It’s that f*cking Texas education that got his mind screwed up. He put a whole nation in debt.”Although a supporter of Democratic nominee Barack Obama, Scarface feels the Illinois senator made a crucial mistake in not electing Hillary Clinton as his running mate, allowing Republican candidate John McCain to make a power play with his VP choice Sarah Palin.“I don’t know what to say about her,” Scarface shrugged in regards to Palin’s credentials. “But I bet if McCain could go back I’m sure he wouldn’t have picked her just like I bet Barack wish he had chosen Hillary. If Barack had picked Hillary, McCain would have packed his bags a long time ago.”Regarding his decision to vote for Obama, the celebrated Geto Boy admitted his selection is primarily fueled by how vehemently he disagrees with the direction the country has gone in the last 8 years under a Republican president.“[I’m voting for] Obama, but not because he’s black and sh*t, but because them Republicans got things f*cked up. I think Obama speaks more for the Hip-Hop generation now.”Emeritus is scheduled for release on December and rumored to feature production from 9th Wonder, N.O. Joe, and Kanye West. Confirmed guests include Lil Wayne and Bun B.