Scarface Signs New Group Green City

Houston, TX legend

Scarface's record label Underground Railroad is preparing to release the debut

album from the rapper's latest discovery, Killeen-based seven-man collective known

as Green City. The

group's album Brand New Money is the second album from Scarface's Underground

Railroad imprint, coming on the heels of the label's first album by The Product.


born Brad Jordan, discovered Green City while he was working out in his local

gym. Green City consists of 7 members - Spark Dawg, Mike Hee, Yung Texxus (Killeen/Dover,

DE), MJ, J. Scott, Big Spade and G-Ni.Two

pro-boxers in the gym that day attended high school with members of Green City

and happened to be working out to the group's music.When

Scarface asked the boxers who they were listening to, he was shocked to find out

that the group didn't have a deal and attempted to sign Green City on the spot.


am the best in the business when it comes to finding raw talent," Scarface

said. "I brought Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, Lil' Flip and TI to Def Jam,

but they didn't bite. I end up going to Killeen TX and found Green City. They

are on some different shit, something you've never heard before. I stepped out

of the box for Green City cause they bring a new flavor, they just do what they


to Scarface, Green City's first single “Like A Porn Star (Party like a Rock

Star)" featuring Mannie Fresh sums up the group philosophy. "They

party 24-7, for them it's just a big ass party, but they get things done,"

Scarface said. "They have the best presentation I have ever seen for a group

trying to get signed, people have been sleeping on Green City. They are young

and I don't want anyone I need to baby-sit, but they don't need a babysitter."The

name Green City is slang that represents money, as well as the group's extended

family, which features over 50 group members. "It's

surreal that we're working with him - he is our hero, and a legend in all of our

eyes," group member Spark Dawg said. "No other person in Texas or even

the South can give you such a big co-sign other than Face. We can't lose with

him backing us up/having our back, we are blessed to be working with him.”