School Investigating Racist Eight Grade SoundCloud Rapper "Lil Plantation"

Some kid posted songs with offensive and inappropriate language and its going viral.

By: Shirley Ju (@shirju)

(AllHipHop News) It looks a rapper named Lil Plantation is being investigated for posting racist songs and offensive language on SoundCloud.

The music streaming platform is known for its success in breaking some of the internet’s most popular artists, but this time, the songs have reached school officials.

Students at Mardela Middle and High School notified their teachers of the songs that contained insensitive and offensive language, specifically racial slurs.

The Wicomico County Board of Education is currently investigating three songs titled “Whips Don't Hurt Them," "Whip Hands Free," and "All Slaves Are The Same.”

On the first song, Lil Plantation raps, "The whips won't hurt them. New n##gas keep picking my crops, but the slaves can't touch me so I'm not worried. All alone, living on my own so I show no mercy, I show no mercy."

“WCPS learned of the songs with racist lyrics on Friday. Wicomico County Public Schools immediately started an investigation, identified the source, and any discipline to the student is being handled in accordance with the school system’s code of conduct," the school said in a statement.

A local author and activist named Jaamad Gould deems the songs, which have been taken down, extremely offensive and inappropriate

He told WBOC 16 "The fact that you're comfortable telling people to listen to something that you know is derogatory, that you know is offensive, that you know is something that you know you should not be saying. And you're laughing and joking about it that, to me, speaks on what his mind state is.”

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Speaks on his mind state? Yeah, the moron is a child.. 8th grade.. for fucks sake!!! Why would the school be involved in policing some bullshit this moron made at home an uploaded.. how is it their place... This whole situation speaks on the current state of affairs.