Schoolly D., Cartoon Network Sued Over 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force' Theme

AllHipHop Staff


rapper Schoolly D and The Cartoon Network are being accused of copyright violations

over the theme song to Cartoon Network's hitseries Aqua Teen Hunger Force.In

a lawsuit filed Nov. 7 with U.S. District Court in Eastern Pennsylvania, Terrence

Yerves claimed that he co-authored the untitled song with Schoolly D in 1999,

while recording at the Meat Locker recording studio in Philadelphia.The

lawsuit also alleged that Schoolly D failed to tell the Cartoon Network that the

theme song was derived from their earlier work and that the "defendants falsely

filed for copyright protection on the show knowing that Plaintiff's music enjoys

copyright protection, even though the Plaintiff did not register such protection

until May 16, 2006."Yerves,

a drummer, said he was instrumental in the creation of the song, which is used

as the opening and closing theme to Aqua Teen Hunger Force, which debuted

on the Cartoon Network in December 2000.The

musician also claimed he contributed the percussion, rhythm and drums at the request

of Schoolly D., who released classic Hip-Hop singles like "PSK," "Gucci

Time," "Cheeba Cheeba" and "Parkside 5 2." Yerves

also said he has an official song copyright, which was filed with the Library

of Congress in May 2006, and that Schoolly D has no official ownership over the

theme to Aqua Teen Hunger Force's theme.Yerves,

also from Philadelphia, admits to knowing the song would be used in conjunction

with a television show but claims he did not give consent to the Cartoon Network

to use the song for Aqua Teen Hunger Force.He

is seeking at least $150,000 per infringement after the date of registration of

the official copyright date. An

injunction is also being sought, seeking the "impounding of all copies of

the show on DVD and to order the defendants to cease and desist from further broadcasting

of the show, which is in violation of Plaintiff's copyright."Aqua

Teen Hunger Force is also being made into a full length movie. Also named

in the lawsuit is Time Warner and Turner Broadcasting System.