Scientists Claim Hip-Hop Helps Sharks Mate Better

Scientists at 10 Sea Life Centres in Germany recently launched a study which has reportedly found that sharks are more likely to mate, if the right music is played to them.According to the UK's Independent, the study was launched due to a slowdown in the breeding of sharks held in captivity in the country.The experiment was based on a test of fish six years ago at the Rowland Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts.Researchers found that fish processed music in a similar way to humans.The Sea Life Centre played two hours of music a day, with each site playing different genres of music.Sea Life staff members at each center watched and recorded the behavior of various species of sharks.Salt & Pepa's "Push It" and Joe Cocker's "You Can Leave Your Hat On" helped produced 50 new eggs."The creatures swam around each other and it seemed that they were dancing with each other while listening to Joe Cocker," said Jens Hirzig, display supervisor at Sea Life Timmendorf. "The study gives us and scientists the chance to investigate how much influence music can really have on sharks and their mating behavior."