Scott Storch Arrested For Grand Theft Auto In Miami

AllHipHop Staff

Producer Scott Storch has been arrested for grand theft auto in Miami for violating the lease terms of a 2004 Bentley.

The troubled entertainer posted bail shortly after he was apprehended.

Storch was arrested on Friday after authorities maintained he failed to return the Bentley when it was supposed to go back to the owner in 2008. He started leasing the pricey vehicle in February of 2006, according to MTV News.

Atlas Leasing Company charges that the producer has caused them to lose about $65,000 in monies, because Storch had not turned over the car. He hadn’t been paying on it either, they assert.

This is the latest in a series of financial woes for the producer who has been besieged with matters ranging from $500,000 in back taxes to delinquent child support to foreclosure on a $10 million mansion.

Storch was unavailable for comment and no court date has been announced at press time.