Scott Storch Working On Bilingual Rap Album With Philly Rapper Nox


Scott Storch continues to keep busy creating songs for superstar rappers like

Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, but he is also breaking new acts and recently signed Philadelphia

rapper Nox, to a major label deal. "I'm

working on a bilingual project with Scott," Nox told "It's

English, Spanish. I'm Latin so, there's a lot of street music, a lot of just fun

music at the same time, club music. Nox is hopeful for a summer 2007 release of

his album. Nox,

born René Pichardo, lived in Puerto Rico until 1990, when he came to Philadelphia

speaking little English. The

rapper did not become bilingual until around 1992. He's been working with Storch

since meeting the producer in 1999.According

to Storch, he recently signed the 23-year-old Nox to a deal with Atlantic records.

Storch admits it's a challenge to constantly churn out beats that strike a chord

with people."It's

not easy, because every time you want to have a new experience with each song

and you don't want to sound like each one is the same song," Storch told "It's a continual battle to come out with that hot beat."In

addition to his musical pursuits, Storch is enjoying life in his new home on Miami

Beach's Palm Island.According

to reports, Storch, who has produced hits for Fat Joe, Mario, 50 Cent, Chris Brown,

purchased the Greco-Roman style home for $10.5 million.